Support for Students & Schools


Investments In Schools

Congress secured $30.75 billion in funding for school districts, states and higher education institutions to ensure state resources and investments are not diverted from life-long learning.

Support for All Students, Including Special Education Services

The CARES Act invests nearly $13 billion of the total investment in education which will be given directly to states through formula funding. This funding can be used for special education services, to improve education technology and to support distance learning.

Higher Education

If you have student loan debt, Congress secured several options outlined below for borrowers that help provide relief through September 30, 2020. During this period, a borrower will be able to:

  • Pause payments for federal student loan borrowers who have Direct Loans and Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL), which means these borrowers will not be required to make any payments toward outstanding interest or principal balance.

  • Suspend interest accrual for such loans so that these balances don’t accrue.
  • Avoid forced collections such as garnishment of wages, tax refunds, & Social Security benefits.
  • Halt negative credit reporting.
  • Ensure a borrower continues to receive credit toward Public Service Loan Forgiveness, Income-Driven Repayment forgiveness, and loan rehabilitation

For More Information, visit the Department of Education’s website. 

If you’re a student, this FAQ might help you. 

I am staying at home but don’t have good access to internet. What can I do?

This website compiled a list of all the internet offers in response to this pandemic. You can find it and information for each service here.

Additionally, Comcast has announced new services and free hotspots to help families work and receive their education from home. More information can be found here.

My child's school is closed, and I need nutritional assistance and/or childcare. What can I do?

Minnesota Department of Human Services

This map provided by the State of Minnesota lists child care providers for emergency workers along with their contact information. The website also lists resources and guidance for children going to childcare during this time. Learn more here.

More information on childcare in Minnesota and assistance programs can be found here.

Child Care Aware of America

This national organization provides guidance to parents when finding and financing child care. You can access their website here.

You can view a map of child care providers for emergency workers in Minnesota.

Minnesota Department of Education

There is a hotline for school and childcare questions open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., you can call: 651-297-1304 or 1-800-657-3504.

The Minnesota Department of Education updates their website daily and has resources for parents with school-aged children.

Hunger Solutions

This organization is specific to Minnesota and helps school-aged children receive nutritious meals. You can learn more and view their provider map here.

You can also call their helpline at 888-711-1151.

Local School Districts

If you need nutrition assistance and/or childcare amid school closures, please visit your local school district's website or call to see what services they are offering. If you need assistance in contacting them, please call our District Office at 651-846-2120.

If you live in Dakota County please visit this website to find what resources are available near you.