If you’re having trouble getting an answer from a federal agency in a timely fashion, or if you think you may have been treated unfairly, my office may be able to help resolve a problem or get you the information you need. While we cannot guarantee a favorable outcome, we will do our best to help you receive a fair and timely response to your problem.

Residents of Minnesota’s Second Congressional District can contact us for assistance in dealing with federal agencies.

In order to best serve you, please fill out and submit this authorization form to our Burnsville, MN office. If you have questions, please call my team at (651) 846-2120.

We can work with federal agencies to help you with the following: 
Social Security Administration (SSA)
  • Correcting payments
  • Correcting start dates 
  • Adjusting start dates 
  • Reporting incorrect charges 
Veterans Affairs (VA) 
  • Submitting a claim for missing benefits 
  • Making a disability claim 
US Citizenship and Immigration Services  (USCIS)
  • Processing expedites
  • Submitting evidence 
  • Performing status checks
US Postal Service (USPS)
  • Fixing address issues
  • Resolving incorrect delivery claims 
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Tax return processing status
  • Assistance with tax liens 
Small Business Administration (SBA) 
  • Help applying for EIDL and PPP 
  • Loan status checks

Fill out this authorization form so we can get started helping you.

PDF iconIf you are seeking assistance with an immigration related issue, USCIS requires this separate privacy release form.



$361,681,165 total grant dollars brought to the district.

$894,541 total casework dollars saved/brought to the district.


Kristen N. - Lakeville

“Everything was resolved in 3 months time! I am so thankful for their help, it is a huge relief.”


After four years of processes, Kristen had a favorable disability judgment from Social Security. Unfortunately, Social Security made a clerical error in filing the final aspect of the claim. The largest portion of her disability payment was being held until her fee agreement was signed off on by an Administrative Law Judge. Her lawyer submitted the paperwork but was not getting a timely response. We worked with SSA to expedite the process and the remainder of her decision at $14,534.50 was returned to her.

Dennis G. - Farmington

Angie Craig’s office was instrumental in retrieving money owed from Social Security”

Social Security withdrew too much money from Dennis’s check for three months in a row. They expected to have about $600 returned. My team worked with Social Security, who admitted the error was much larger than originally anticipated - they had failed to pay Dennis for three years. My staff was able to get Dennis a back-payment of $19,109.15 that he was owed because of this mistake. This allowed Dennis to pay for the care he needs.

Scott H. - South St. Paul

I am a disabled veteran who is very thankful for a person like Angie to be on my side.”

Scott’s roof leaked any time there was rain. Despite promise after promise from his public housing landlord, Scott’s roof remained damaged and leaking prompting him to resort to a bucket under the leak. My office stepped in to contact the landlord and the roof was fixed quickly.

Lou Ann S. - Inver Grove Heights

“I contacted Angie Craig's office and it was resolved in one week. Thank you for your help. It's wonderful to know that you are there for us in our time of need.”

Lou Ann called us after her adult daughter with disabilities transitioned home after leaving a group home. With this move, her daughter’s Social Security Representative Payee changed from the group home to her mother. My team got involved with the Social Security office and in one week had the form corrected, resolving the issue and ultimately ensured that Lou Ann $20,818.02 in benefits for her daughter.

Rose S. - West St. Paul

I appreciate the kindness and willingness to help.

Rose’s mail was being consistently delivered to the wrong address and she wasn’t getting critical documents. Despite contacting the postal service multiple times, the problem persisted. After Rose connected with my office, my staff worked tirelessly to make sure Rose gets her mail as swiftly as possible.

Nicole R. - Apple Valley

“Without the help of Angie Craig and her team, I would not currently have a driver’s license. The issue seems to stem from that my birth certificate has a different last name than was used on my marriage certificate and can't be updated without a court order. Before reaching out to Rep. Craig’s office, I had visited the DMV 14 times with no available options for me to renew my license even with a valid Passport. I work in Fleet Management and my husband is a disabled vet who has appointments at the VA. I needed to have access to my vehicle. I can’t express how grateful I am for their help and enabling me to continue to work and taking down all the roadblocks I’ve faced. It meant the world to have someone listen to me, look at my data and find a resolution.”

My staff worked with Nicole to get her driver’s license back, allowing her to work and get her husband to appointments.                                                

Hannah A. - Eagan

Hannah, a young woman who has twice battled cancer in her short life, was stuck at a hostel in Cusco, Peru, when COVID-19 created a huge shutdown. Martial law lockdown and encroaching virus made her difficult situation even more difficult as they were unable to use the hostel kitchen and Hannah was losing weight rapidly. My team worked with the State Department to get Hannah on a flight out of Cusco and she is now home.

Bob and Carmen M. - Cottage Grove

“Angie Craig's staff managed to do in 10 days what no one could do in a year. The way I was treated is the way everyone should be treated.”

Bob and Carmen tried to work with Social Security for over a year to correct an error in their account that created a debt to Social Security of nearly $20,000. My team was able to work with their local Social Security Office to get their hard-earned money refunded.


Maureen K. - South St. Paul 

“I called Angie Craig’s office and immediately got help”

Maureen has a traumatic brain injury from a car crash. She was eligible for disability payments for several years but started receiving notices that she owed the Social Security Administration repayments $26,000 - more than she ever got in disability benefits. She struggled to get access to her Social Security file and had tax refunds and wages garnished. My team successfully worked with her to get her overpayment waived. Additionally, Maureen recently received word that she is no longer responsible for paying the $26,000 and is now working to get her tax refunds and wages back.


Judy L. - Hastings and Donald S. - Mazeppa

Donald is a 98-year-old World War 2 veteran who has been in need of a hearing aid so his daughter, Judy, had been working to get him an appointment with VA community care, calling over and over again with no results. Judy got in touch with my team who was able to get an appointment scheduled for Donald right away. At the appointment, Donald was told it would take up to six months to get the hearing aid he needed. My team reached out to the VA and Donald had his hearing aid less than one month after the appointment.

Todd J. – Prior Lake

“I applied for VA Survivor benefits for my mother and 5 months later I had not received a response from the VA. After contacting Angie Craig's office, she was able to contact the VA and get the VA to review my mother's application. My mother's application was approved in about 1 week!

Todd contacted my office after unsuccessfully attempting to reach the VA for many months. Todd was attempting to obtain VA Survivors benefits for his mother from his father’s dedicated service during the Korean War.  My office was able to have his application processed quickly to successfully assist his mother in collecting her rightful benefits, including retroactive funds for the months Todd was unable to connect with the VA.


Jessica V. – Burnsville

I needed my passport in time for my international trip had received my kids’, but not mine. She went beyond and got it for me and was shipped within 5 days.

Jessica contacted my office as a long awaited family vacation was approaching and her passport had not arrived. Her two children’s passports were processed and delivered months ago, but Jessica’s was not – despite the fact that all three applications were submitted together. Jessica contacted my office and my team was able to get her passport shipped immediately and the next morning she received a tracking number to follow the process. Her passport arrived in time for their vacation.

Jack C. – Eagan

They helped me get my tax refund as well as my stimulus check when I was not able to reach anybody over the phone. She helped me out very well and in a timely matter and I received both very quickly!”

Jack contacted my office when he received his state, but not his federal tax refund and was concerned that something was wrong. My team connected with the IRS who had sent the check to an old address. We made sure the IRS had the correct address on file and continued to check on the status of his check to ensure he received it. We were also able to alert the IRS that Jack had not received his stimulus check and were delighted to hear it arrived shortly.

Catherine B. – Rosemount

“Within one week of contacting Ms. Craig’s office my unemployment benefits were received as were the benefits of many of my coworkers. I am so appreciative of Ms. Craig and her fantastic staff taking up our cause and running the gauntlet for us! That is what a representative is supposed to do for the people they represent.”

Cathy is one of many ISD196 transportation workers that has had summer employment impacted due to COVID-19. After being stuck in pending status for several weeks, Cathy contacted my office. We worked with DEED to elevate the issues faced by these dedicated employees and have been able to help them receive the correct benefits owed.

Susan S. – Rosemount

“I want to convey my sincere appreciation to Congresswoman Craig and her staff for resolving receiving a refund from the IRS for our small business. After many months and repeated attempts to talk to someone at the IRS about the paperwork we had filed in early 2020, Congresswoman Craig and her staff cut through the bureaucratic tape and within weeks, we received the money we were owed. Thank you so much!”

Robert S. – Lakeville

“They helped me get a stimulus check which the IRS said I was not entitled to because my wife passed away in January.”

Robert’s wife, Ella Mae, passed away in January of 2020 after they had filed their taxes jointly in 2019. Due to this joint filing, the IRS was wrongly denying Robert a stimulus check. My office worked diligently with the IRS and successfully got Robert the $1,200 payment he deserved.

Earl W. – Farmington

“This assistance helped obtain a form from the IRS that was required to record a self released lien necessary to refinance my home. This will save me over $600 per month.”

Earl had spent an extraordinary amount of time going back and forth with the IRS before contacting my office. My staff was able to work with the IRS to get Earl what he needed to take care of his finances.

Robin and Trever B. – Farmington 

“It took over two years of working with Social Security and them never paying the benefit they needed to pay and I finally got Angie Craig’s office involved. It was literally resolved within approximately a week or so. Thank you to Angie Craig and staff!”