COVID-19 Vaccine

Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Resources 

All Minnesotans over the age of 16 are now eligible to sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine. To learn more about current eligibility, see Stay Safe MN: Who’s Getting Vaccinated. The State of Minnesota is also offering a number of other helpful resources regarding the COVID-19 vaccine which can be viewed below. 

Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Connector

The State of Minnesota recently launched the Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Connector, which will help you stay updated on your eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine and connect you to vaccine opportunities in your area when they become available. To sign up, fill out this form. If you have questions about the form or need language assistance, please call the Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Connector hotline at 833-431-2053.

Find Vaccine Locations

This Vaccine Locator Map from the State of Minnesota can help Minnesotans more easily find local vaccine providers near them. Vaccines are currently limited, so appointments may not be available everywhere. All vaccinations are by appointment only, and each provider manages its own schedules and appointments. 

Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Data

The State of Minnesota has created a COVID-19 Vaccine data dashboard to illustrate how many people in the state have been vaccinated, what demographics are getting vaccinated, and where these vaccinations are taking place. 

Minnesota Department of Health

The Minnesota Department of Health has created a comprehensive resource list on the  COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Minnesota. You can view this helpful list of resources here.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Resources

The CDC has published a number of resources on the COVID-19 vaccine, including FAQs about the vaccine, information on the types of vaccines available, and benefits of receiving the vaccine. You can view these resources here, or visit individual pages below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The CDC has released updated answers to frequently asked questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. This includes questions on vaccine safety, availability, and payment information. View these updated FAQs here.

Myths and Facts about the COVID-19 Vaccine

Now that COVID-19 vaccines are being distributed across the U.S., it is important to learn about the vaccine from authorized sources. The CDC has released this resource page to help combat misinformation by explaining the myths and facts regarding the vaccine. 

Types of COVID-19 Vaccine

There are different COVID-19 vaccines currently authorized for distribution in the United States. You can learn more about the types of vaccines here.