Rep. Angie Craig Introduces HUMBLE Act to Clean Up Washington

HUMBLE Act would enact lifetime lobbying ban for Members of Congress, ban Member perks, and ban individual stock ownership for Members
June 21, 2019
Press Release

Today, U.S. Rep. Angie Craig introduced the Halt Unchecked Member Benefits with Lobbying Elimination or HUMBLE Act, which would permanently ban Members of Congress from serving as lobbyists and require them to sell individual stocks upon being sworn in. The HUMBLE Act also restricts unnecessary perks for Members, including a ban on taxpayer funded first-class airline accommodations.

For too long, Members of Congress have used their positions of power to advocate for special interests and gain personal profits. This bill would ensure that Members of Congress come to Washington to serve and leave just the same.


  • Imposes a lifetime ban on lobbying for Members of Congress.
  • Prohibits the use of funds provided for the official travel expenses of Members for first-class airline accommodations.
  • Eliminates allowing former Members from access to the Hall of the House, athletic facilities, Member’s Dining Room, parking spaces, materials from the House document room, and collections in the House Legislative Resource Center.
  • Imposes a ban on individual stock ownership for Members.

“Minnesotans need Congress to be focused on addressing the issues they face in their own lives - including lowering the price of prescription drugs and health care, rethinking career skills and technical education and investing in our roads and bridges. But unfortunately, conflicts of interest and the influence of special interests have gotten in the way of this critical work,” said Rep. Craig. “A lifetime ban on lobbying will ensure that Congress is no longer a revolving door of influence, and banning individual stock ownership will cut down on conflicts of interest and show that Congress has its priorities straight so that we can advocate for policies that will improve lives and expand economic opportunity for every Minnesotan.”

In addition to introducing the HUMBLE Act, Rep. Craig also stood up to House Democratic leadership recently and introduced an amendment to stop an increase in pay for Members of Congress. Rep. Craig has also championed H.R.1, the For the People Act, a comprehensive government reform bill to increase transparency in campaign finance and make it easier to vote. The House adopted Craig’s provision to ban Members of Congress from serving on for-profit corporate boards, and she continues to fight to make government accountable to Minnesotans, not special interests.