Congresswoman Craig To Donate Salary During Federal Government Shutdown

January 8, 2019
Press Release

BURNSVILLE, MINN - Today, Congresswoman Angie Craig announced that she would not be accepting pay during the ongoing government shutdown, and instead will donate her salary to the Eagan Open Door Pantry and Wabasha Food Shelf.

“On my first day in Congress, my colleagues and I voted in a bipartisan, responsible manner to end this reckless shutdown. Unfortunately, there are still thousands of federal employees in Minnesota without pay and services to the American people undelivered because the Senate refuses to take up the bill. I will not accept a paycheck during this or any shutdown until those services are restored and hard-working federal employees get their paychecks,” said Congresswoman Angie Craig.

“I will donate the salary I earn during this shutdown to the Eagan Open Door Pantry and Wabasha Food Shelf - two charities who work every day to provide quality food and nutrition to families throughout their communities in the second congressional district.”

In her first days in Congress, Congresswoman Craig has taken numerous actions to end the shutdown immediately, including a vote for bi-partisan legislation that would re-open the federal government. Additionally, she is working on legislation that would prohibit Congress from getting a paycheck during future federal government shutdowns.

Congresswoman Craig is fighting to make sure that Minnesotans have the certainty they deserve – whether that’s making sure that federal employees get paid for their work, that families can count on their tax refund coming on time and that farmers can rely on the relief they need.