Congresswoman Angie Craig Supports Coronavirus Relief Package Prioritizing Workers, Small Businesses and Nonprofits

Rep. Craig says: We will get through this together
March 27, 2020
Press Release

Today, U.S. Rep. Angie Craig supported the bipartisan coronavirus relief package providing relief to hard-working Minnesotans, small businesses and nonprofits while funding the needs of our health care professionals. Rep. Craig is now focused on getting the resources in the bill to the Second District as quickly as possible as well as pushing for funding for her cities and towns in future packages.

The CARES Act includes: 

  • Investments in hospitals and health systems giving them more funding during this pandemic.
  • Increases Small Business grants and loans that will also be eligible for forgiveness.
  • Expands Unemployment Insurance benefits to match the average paycheck of laid-off or furloughed workers and expands these benefits to independent contractors and gig employees.
  • Emergency education funding to help schools transition to virtual learning, including IDEA funding to support students with special education needs.
  • Oversight to make sure payments to corporations prohibit stock buybacks and money for executives.

“I’ve talked with the owners of small businesses who have taken out equity lines of credit to keep their businesses alive, nonprofits who are overextending themselves to meet the needs of their communities and families who don’t know if their internet will support their kids learning at home,” said Rep. Angie Craig. “Today we took another bipartisan step toward providing immediate relief to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, but I’ll keep working until I know that our students, hard-working Minnesotans, small businesses and nonprofits -- and our suburbs and rural communities -- have the support they need to get through this.”

Rep. Craig successfully fought for several provisions included in the CARES Act, including: 

Relief for Minnesota Small Businesses and Nonprofits

  • No-interest loan assistance and forgiveness to Minnesota’s small businesses giving qualified small businesses and nonprofits funding to cover employee benefits, wages, rent and utilities. 

Funding for Virtual Education & Special Education Services

  • The CARES Act includes $30.750 billion for an Education Stabilization Fund for states, school districts and institutions of higher education for costs related to coronavirus. Of that amount, $13.5 billion is available for formula grants to States, which will then distribute it to local educational agencies who can use it for IDEA programs.

Rural Community Reliefincluding: 

  • $1 billion available in guaranteed loans to help rural businesses weather the economic downturn.
  • $100 billion to hospitals, health care providers, and facilities, including those in rural areas.
  • $25 million for telemedicine tools to help rural patients access medical care no matter where they live.
  • $100 million for high speed internet expansion in small towns and rural communities.
  • Funding for farmers experiencing financial loses, and increased safety net funding through a $14 billion investment in the Commodity Credit Corporation
  • Protecting Health Care Workers and Increasing Care

The CARES Act includes increased funding for personal protective equipment (PPE), expansion of telemedicine and an extension of the Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers which expands mental health services.