Congresswoman Angie Craig Invites Spiral Brewery Owners to Testify at U.S. House Small Business Committee Hearing

May 8, 2019
Press Release
Amy, Jen, and Nick Fox share their small business success story

Today, U.S. Rep. Angie Craig hosted Amy, Jen, and Nick Fox, owners of Spiral Brewery, in the House Small Business Committee to share their story of starting and running their business in Hastings, MN.

The hearing, Honoring the Nation’s Small Business Heroes, was held during Small Business Week and highlighted the hard work that America’s small business owners do for local economies across the country.

You can watch their testimony here.

“Small business owners like Amy, Jen, and Nick form the backbone and economic engine of our nation’s economic prosperity,” said Craig. “I was honored to host them in Washington and to have them share the story of hard work and collaboration that resulted in one of the Second District’s favorite breweries!”

Spiral Brewing opened just over a year ago as the first brewery in Hastings, MN since prohibition. Through a combination of a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan and private financing, Spiral’s owners turned their dream of opening a brewery into a destination for visitors across Minnesota to enjoy quality, local beer in one of the state’s great river towns.

“We were privileged to testify on our small business experience opening and running Spiral Brewery and hope that our testimony will help inspire others to follow their passion to make their own small business dream a reality,” said Amy Fox, owner of Spiral Brewery.

Craig serves as a member of the Small Business, Agriculture and Transportation and Infrastructure Committees of the U.S. House.