Rep. Angie Craig Stands up for District’s Small Businesses Amidst Trade War

July 31, 2019
Press Release
Rep. Craig visits local business to hear about impact of Chinese tariffs

After visiting Storm Creek in Hastings, U.S. Rep. Angie Craig reiterated her support for trade policies that prioritize Minnesota farmers and small businesses.

In the midst of a self-inflicted trade war, small businesses and consumers are bearing the burden of tariffs and unpredictable market access in their bottom lines. Rep. Craig has been working hard to hold the Administration accountable for their trade policies and advocate for an agreement that prioritizes local economic growth.

Storm Creek, an outdoor apparel company in Hastings, Minnesota, has been impacted by the Administration’s proposed fourth list of Chinese tariffs. Without an agreement with China, these proposed tariffs will drive up consumer product costs and limit Minnesota business’ ability to grow and hire new employees. In a letter to Ambassador Lighthizer, Rep. Craig shared the story of Storm Creek and called on the Administration to swiftly reach an agreement with China.

“Farmers and small business owners in my district have been very clear: this trade war has gone on long enough,” said Rep. Craig. “Congress has a responsibility to push for trade policies that expand markets and drive growth, and to hold this Administration accountable when their policies get in the way of economic growth for my neighbors. I urge the Administration to bring an end to the trade war with China, and put our farmers and small businesses first.”

In Congress, Rep. Craig serves on the House Agriculture Committee and the Small Business Committee, where she works to make the voices of farmers and small business owners heard in the halls of Congress. She has:

  • Led a letter to U.S. Trade Rep. Lighthizer pushing for the inclusion of agriculture in trade negotiations with the European Union to keep markets open for American farm products.
  • Sent a letter to U.S. Trade Rep. Lighthizer on the damage that the tariff war with China is doing to our small businesses.
  • Questioned Administration officials on the specifics of the Administration’s supposed plan to improve trade relations with Mexico