Congresswoman Angie Craig’s Statement Regarding Investigations into Corruption

September 23, 2019
Press Release

Rep. Angie Craig (MN-02), released the following statement:

“We have a responsibility to ensure that no one is above the law -- particularly our elected leaders. Yesterday, the President and his personal counsel confessed to asking the Ukrainian government to interfere with a political rival. Additionally, President Trump threatened to withhold military aid to our ally if they did not comply. It is clear that the sitting president of the United States placed his own personal interests above the national security of the United States. We must safeguard our electoral process and our very democracy from outside threats. For this reason, the current investigations into corruption must continue. And when there is an abuse of power of this magnitude, it is our responsibility to stand up for what is right. This is why I am calling to open impeachment proceedings -- immediately, fairly, and impartially.”